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Eaton offer a broad range of solutions for Automotive applications including SMD fuses, PPTC, TVS diodes, MLVs, power inductors, common mode chokes, chip inductors & ferrite beads and supercapacitors. While Beryl offer AEC-Q200 qualified SMT & THT solid conductive polymer capacitors.

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Eaton Automotive Solutions

Provides an overview of Eaton's circuit protection and power management components for the most demanding automotive applications.

CAN Bus & Ethernet CM Chokes

Eaton ACE series common mode chokes are optimized for noise filtering on data lines in vehicle connectivity modules and support standard CAN bus and Ethernet communications as well as Flexray and BroadR-Reach® protocols.

HCM1AV2 Pressed Powder Inductors

The HCM1AV2 family of inductors from Eaton is the latest advancement in power magnetics designed to meet automotive electronics power and thermal handling requirements.

Automotive TVA Series Supercapacitors

Eaton's TVA family of supercapacitors operate at higher voltage to reduce the number of cells and size needed in high voltage designs or keep the same number of cells to do more with higher energy storage. They provide energy storage for high power charge/discharge cycling, peak power shaving and backup power applications. 

Automotive Grade Wire Wound and Multilayer Chip Inductors

Eaton MCLA and WCLA automotive grade chip inductors are designed for applications such as ADAS, infotainment, wireless communications, and other high frequency automotive circuits. The MCLA series multilayer chip inductors and WCLA series wire wound chip inductors are offered in industry standard footprints from 0402 to 1210 with inductance values from 1.0nH to 680µH, providing designers flexibility to address a wide range of space and performance requirements. 

Resettable Automotive PPTC Fuses

Eaton's PTSA resettable PPTC fuses provide consistent and repeatable overcurrent protection while reducing the need for replacement of one-time fuses. PTSA fuses feature low resistance for reduced power dissipation and have voltage ratings above 16V to address typical requirements in infotainment, telematics, lighting, body control, and other automotive applications.

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