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Signal Filtering & Protection

With their extensive offering of ESD protection devices, fuses, PPTCs, ferrite beads and chip inductors Eaton provide a wide range of products for signal filtering and protection. This includes bi-directional voltage variable polymer devices with <0.05pF capacitance and <0.1nA leakage current that are ideal for ESD protection of high-speed data lines and RF antennas. 

In addition to this Eaton provide ferrite beads in sizes from 0402 to 1206, multilayer chip inductors from 0201 to 1206 and wire wound solitons in 1008 and 1210, with all three also being available with AEC-Q200 qualification.

More detailed information about Eaton's offer for signal filtering & protection can be found in the links, videos, whitepapers and selection guides below:

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TVS Diode ESD Suppressors

Eaton’s TVS Diode ESD Suppressors provide highly reliable protection for electronics against very fast and damaging voltage transients, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and lightning. They are ideal for I/O interfaces, digital and analogue signal lines.

Polymer ESD Devices for Automotive

PolySurg ESD Suppressors protect sensitive ICs in high speed data applications, with a space saving 0402 footprint. Both the PS04LTVA1 and 0402ESDA-AEC1 are ideal for protecting USB, ethernet, communication, and other high-speed ports and interfaces.

MLVs for Overvoltage Protection

MLVC multilayer varistors from Eaton provide reliable ESD, inductive switching and EFT protection in a compact, surface mount package ideal for I/O interfaces and other sensitive components in consumer electronics, computing devices, energy, medical, and industrial applications.

Wire Wound and Multilayer Chip Inductors

Eaton’s broad selection of high Q chip inductors provides design flexibility in many RF wireless applications in multilayer and wire-wound configurations, with industry sizes 0603 to 1206 (MCQ1V family), 0402 to 0805 (MCL family), and 1008 and 1210 (WCL family). 

Multilayer Ferrite Beads for Automotive

Eaton’s new MFBA2V family of high-reliability automotive grade surface mount ferrite beads are ideal for noise reduction in automotive applications including electronic control units, powertrains, body controls, and multimedia.

CAN Bus & Ethernet CM Chokes

Eaton ACE series common mode chokes are optimized for noise filtering on data lines in vehicle connectivity modules and support standard CAN bus and Ethernet communications as well as Flexray and BroadR-Reach® protocols.

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