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Eaton Supercapacitor Modules

Electric mobility isn’t just for cars. Everything from pallet shuttles to buses to dockside cranes have been electrified in some way, and while it’s okay to charge car batteries overnight or during the workday, other applications need to run all day. With a low cycle life and slow charge and discharge rates, lithium-ion batteries can’t always deliver the needed power. Eaton supercapacitor modules provide the performance to make up for these shortcomings, and designers can use them with batteries or as standalone energy storage. Eaton supercapacitor modules support the higher charge and discharge rates needed in these applications. They’re also rated for millions of cycles, providing reliable operation for years with virtually zero maintenance. 

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Supercapacitor Modules for Pulse Power Applications

Electric buses, vans & trucks (HEV & BEV), forklift trucks, automated guided vehicles and cranes all require significant peak power, supercapacitor modules provide the ideal solution to these demands. 

XLR-16 Ruggedized Supercapacitor Module

The XLR-16 is a 500F, 16V module that is ideal for supporting peak power demand in 12V battery systems, including providing the high peak current required for reliable engine or generator starting. 

XLM Supercapacitor Modules and Cabinets

Eaton's XLCM Supercapacitor cabinets use their XLM modules as a base component and are designed for use with large UPS and microgrid systems.

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